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Student Stories

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Student Stories

Real students. Real stories.




Ed Harrod standing near a construction site

Ed Harrod
CSM Electrician Student

Get Ed's story.

Sonia Fernandez
Professor of Foreign Language
Division of Languages and Literature


Get Sonia's story.

Brandon Maeda
CSM Nursing Graduate
Civista Medical Center


Get Brandon's story.

Courtney sitting in a biology lab Courtney Sanders
CSM Graduate, Biological Science and Biotechnology
Transfer Student, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Biochemistry and Mathematics

Get Courtney's story.


Andrew Wodzianski
Professor of Art
Division of Fine Arts and Humanities


Get Andy's story.

Lauren in graduation cap and gown standing outside her house

Lauren Duncan
CSM Student

Get Lauren's story.

Carl Ross
Continuing Education Student

Get Carl's story.

Janelle Martin
CSM Information Technology Graduate


Get Janelle's story.