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Student Stories

Real students. Real stories.


Student Stories

Real students. Real stories.
Picture of Janelle and Lacey Martin

Janelle Martin

CSM Information Technology Graduate

The mother-daughter duo of Janelle and Lacey Martin of Lusby turned heads when they landed in the same class one semester. “It actually wasn’t that bad,” said Lacey Martin, 22, of sitting next to her mom in class. “Some of the other students wondered if we were sisters or related in some way. But they were cool with it,” she added.

“I was worried that my return to school would interfere with Lacey’s college experience,” said Janelle Martin. “I asked Lacey, ‘Are we going to sit together in class?’” she said when they faced their first class together. “It helps when your mom is your best friend,” Lacey said.

Janelle Martin had been talking for years about returning to college, but she added, “It was not my plan to start back to college at the same time, the same college, as my daughter.”

They carpooled to classes at the Prince Frederick Campus and often reflected on in-class discussions during their ride home. At home, they parted ways to study on their own.

By working through a nervousness about going back to college, an anxiety about taking tests that she carried from her high school days, and an obsession with getting an ‘A’ in every class, Janelle Martin graduated with highest honors. “I am so fortunate to have been able to share this experience with Lacey. She was so open and supportive of me,” Janelle Martin said.

Janelle Martin received two associate degrees in information services technology: in web development and in information services technology. Lacey Martin will receive her associate’s degree in information services technology: web development. Each will pursue a bachelor’s degree at UMUC.

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